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Strategic Initiatives 


Strategic Initiative grants enable the Medica Foundation to make a community investment on a larger and more impactful scale. Through this new concept paper process, we hope to learn about big and innovative solutions that serve as incubators for ideas, catalysts for systemic change and provide funds for community-based programs that address the underlying causes and factors inhibiting optimal health. The goal is to provide more flexibility for our grant partners to implement a longer-term project and evaluate impact. 

We seek concept papers addressing behavioral health, child and youth health, substance use disorder, healthy aging, rural health, disabilities and health care access. Funding may be awarded over the course of two or even three years. Funding may be awarded to one grantee or split among several recipients. 

Individual grants awarded up to $200,000.

Concept Papers Accepted Final Grant Determination
February 1 – April 5, 2019 December 20

Submitting a Concept Paper (Strategic Grants Only)

Email your 1-2 page concept paper in a Word document as an attachment for strategic grant consideration to The subject should read: Strategic Grant Concept Paper – ORGANIZATION NAME. Email submission needs to be received by the Medica Foundation by end of day on the deadline date (email receipt by 11:59 p.m.). This type of email submission is intended to minimize applicant work, time and expense related to the proposal process.


A confirmation email will be sent to the sender of the concept paper. If our staff would like to learn more about your project, you will be contacted directly. If you do not hear from us, we have reviewed your submission and selected other proposals to move forward.

Concept Paper Elements

Concept papers should not exceed two pages and 1,000 words. Provide a succinct presentation of the need or problem you have identified, the proposed innovative solution and your organization’s qualifications for implementing the solution. The concept paper is not intended to be a detailed proposal, but rather a brief project description with key information. Include the following elements:

  • Brief description of the project you are pursuing and why it is new and innovative.
  • Description of community need and target population.
  • Budget projection, including request amount, estimated project budget and use of funds.
  • Key objectives and anticipated outcomes.
  • Collaborative partners (if any).
  • Organization and contact information for follow-up.