Apply for a Grant

Grant Application Tips

These tips will help you develop a proposal that addresses the most important factors in our grant review process.

  • Provide data to demonstrate the community need for the project and the population serviced by it.
  • Information from local or state sources is preferred over national statistics.
  • Explain any existing models that your project may be based upon, including outcomes and why the model was selected.
  • Spell out the program or model name before using an acronym.
  • Avoid using specialist language that a layperson may not understand.
  • Identify the partners involved in your project, if applicable.
  • Include letters of support that demonstrate commitment from partners (for full proposals only).
  • Identify measurable outcomes and describe the benefits to program participants (improved health status, behavioral change, new knowledge, etc.).
  • Provide realistic forecasts of the grant’s projected impact.
  • Describe the evaluation and measurement plan you will use to capture needed data. If changes in behavior or health are measured, then a plan to measure baseline data should be identified.
  • A plan to measure and evaluate the impact of your project or program is required with full proposals. Up to 10 percent of the total grant amount may be used for measurement and evaluation expenses, incurred internally or from outside resources.
  • Clearly explain each line item, indicating how Medica Foundation funds will be used.
  • Use the Medica Foundation Budget Form and do not modify formulas or delete template fields.
  • Round the request amount to the nearest $1,000. We suggest you request the maximum grant amount if your project and budget demonstrate the need.
  • Past grant performance is considered in the application process. If applicable, provide a brief summary Medica Foundation grants completed or in progress.