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First of its Kind Program in Minnesota offers Mental Health Services to Support Women and Families — Including a 'Day Hospital'

The Mother-Baby Program at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) is the first of its kind in Minnesota, offering a range of mental health services to support women and families. Only three other programs of this type exist nationwide.

"Debilitating depression and anxiety can begin during or after pregnancy and can affect on average 1 out of 8 women," explains Dr. Helen Kim, Medical Director of the Mother-Baby Program. "To support healthy brain development, babies and young children need to feel safe and secure in relationship with their primary caregiver. 

By strengthening the emotional health and parenting capacities of distressed pregnant women and moms, we are supporting the health of their babies."

With a mission to support families by strengthening the emotional health and parenting capacity of mothers, the Mother-Baby Program at HCMC includes:

  • Hennepin Women's Mental Health Program – Outpatient psychiatry and psychotherapy services for women with depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric concerns before, during or after pregnancy.
  • The Mother-Baby HopeLine – A free, telephone triage and resource line for families experiencing stress or challenges related to mental health symptoms during and after pregnancy, or parenting of young children. Providers may also call with questions related to the diagnosis and treatment of perinatal and maternal mental health.
  • The Mother-Baby Day Hospital – A short-term, intensive outpatient mental health treatment program for pregnant women and mothers with young children who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or other emotional distress.

The Medica Foundation was proud to support the creation of the Mother-Baby Program.

About the Mother-Baby Program